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What is this?

Steam Basket: The Dim Sum Cartoon is a collection of work based on dim sum characters, often focusing on cultural issues.

The New Website

Steam Basket first went online in 2006, and ultimately 74 comic strips and 13 characters were produced. The updates stopped in 2007 when my class schedule became so unforgiving that my lifestyle then can only be described as a kind of reverse hibernation. I have finally graduated, however, so Steam Basket is back!

Instead of just continuing where I left off, I opted for a complete renovation. After all, when I began this, I was a college student trying to stick to a thrice-weekly update schedule and a lot of the stuff produced was immature and downright ugly. Now as a design grad, I would like to redo a lot of it so the immaturity can at least look good.

The biggest changes will be in the characters, but those will be revealed over time. The site will also be much more design-oriented. There will still be comics, but the distinction is this: the comics will be substance over style, the designs will be style over substance, and a good, healthy breakfast will be eggs over easy.

The Guy

I was born in 1983 in Hong Kong, and am a design graduate of California State University, Los Angeles. Despite being based in LA, I have yet to be invited to any drug-fueled orgies. What’s up with that?

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