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Shrimpy (aka Simon)

Dim Sum: Har Gow, Shrimp Dumpling

Shrimpy is the cynical, outspoken main character of Steam Basket. Patriotism is at the core of his being, alongside the tender, plump shrimp. Some have suggested that his beliefs border on prejudice, but he assures them all he does not stereotype as much as the obese Americans do.

Originally named Simon, friends began calling him Shrimpy, and through years of use, he has grudgingly accepted it, much like every other aspect of his life.


Dim Sum: Lor Mai Gai, Rice in Lotus Leaf

Cletus is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man. Despite having spent long periods of time with Simon, he is much more open-minded about other cultures, and has in fact often sought out opportunities to immerse himself in them, usually on Friday and Saturday nights.

He is unique in that he is a Chinese man named Cletus.

Mei Mei

Dim Sum: Siu Mai, Pork Dumpling

Mei Mei is a friend of Shrimpy, who finds her enthusiasm for everything incredibly annoying. It is safe to say they would not be friends at all if they had not known each other since childhood. Mei Mei, ever the optimist, does not suspect a thing, and only thinks Shrimpy tries too hard to be cool.

More to come!


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